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We build digital experiences.

Deep Water Studios has specialists for all facets of the digital experience. Whether it’s web development, smart contracts, or back-end infrastructure, we have a track record of delivering top-tier products.

NFT mints

We'll handle everything from the NFT contract to the mint page, tailoring the entire flow to your exact specifications.

Smart Contracts

Let us bring your next big idea to life with consultation and fully customizable smart contracts.

Load testing

Move forward with peace of mind on launch day knowing that we've put your application through rigorous load testing.


Our market experts will use their combined decades of crypto knowledge to help advise your project from start to finish.


Recent projects that we loved working on.


Avalytics aggregates data from on-chain NFT marketplaces in the Avalanche ecosystem & provides users with a free NFT analytics platform.


  • UI/UX design
  • Database and request serving API
  • Complex offline web3 processing pipeline

Raffllrr is the premier raffling dApp on Avalanche. Providing artists and collectors the power to raffle NFTs safely and securely.


  • Website design / UX to simplify raffle creation and entice participants
  • Social integrations
  • Smart contract to handle escrow and payment, with Chainlink integration
  • Offline web3 indexer feeding analytics and user API

Arenabook offers a real-time look into Stars Arena activity, a trading terminal, detailed portfolio metrics, and leaderboards across different metrics and timeframes.


  • UI/UX design focused on enhancing trading experiences
  • Database and request serving API
  • Offline web3 processing pipeline

FerdyFlip is an on-chain decentralised gaming dApp.


  • Website design / UX focused on creating fun experiences
  • Social integration via custom site chat server, user to user interactions via tipping, and automatic Twitter posts
  • Multiple smart contracts with Chainlink VRF integration and a shared treasury
  • Offline web3 indexer feeding analytics and user API


Enter the fanciful wonderland of Sausagers, spawn of the mysterious blue condiment and beautiful inhabitants of Sausagers City.


  • Snapshots and airdrops
  • Custom reveal server to prevent metadata leaks and reveal sniping
  • Custom coding for image generation
  • Four contracts:
    • Exchangeable token NFT + mint
    • Extendable NFT
    • Exchange/reveal contract
    • Separate honoraries NFT
Mambo Makers

The Mambo Makers ecosystem is a testbed for smart contract and backend innovation, bringing new ideas to the blockchain in a lighthearted way.


  • Custom Discord bot integrations with the blockchain
  • API server for hidden reveals, bot-protected mints, and community information
  • Smart contract to handle escrow and payment, with Chainlink integration
  • Four contracts:
    • Holder leaderboard scoring
    • On-chain username and profile picture
    • AVAX raffle ticket entry
    • Various custom NFTs including soulbound mechanics, on-chain metadata, and more
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